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The Brighter Side of Polished Concrete Floors

Why Light Reflectivity Matters

Let’s reflect (excuse the pun) on a benefit of concrete that many people overlook: How it can brighten a room with its high light reflectivity. Why is light reflection such a big deal? Well, for one, installing light-colored concrete floors in your home or business can help save energy and reduce your lighting bills. But there are other benefits as well. Learn a few ways you can take advantage of concrete's bright side.

Polished concrete commercial building floor
  • Cut your lighting costs with concrete floors
    Concrete floors with high reflectivity amplify the amount of natural light entering your home during the day and reduce the need for artificial light at night. Factors such as the color and sheen of the concrete surface will determine how much the reflected light contributes to brightening the space. In general glossy surfaces and concrete floors in lighter colors will result in the greatest savings in lighting costs.
Polished Concrete Retail Floor
  • Project a shining image with polished concrete
    Bright, shiny polished concrete floors simply look better than a dull, drab surface. More public facilities such as office buildings, stores, restaurants and schools, are using polished concrete to project a bright, clean, professional image. In a home, polished concrete floors will be easier to maintain and will make rooms sparkle.