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Can All Concrete Be Polished?

Almost any concrete floor can be polished as long as the floor is structurally sound. There are a few exceptions for both new and existing floors.

New Floors
At least 28 days must pass before freshly poured concrete can be polished. This ensures that the concrete has had enough time to cure and harden before polishing begins. Although there is no special concrete mix design required for a concrete floor that will be polished, some facilities will specify that the concrete be installed as smooth as possible to minimize polishing steps.

Existing Floors
For a floor that is already in place, it is best to discuss with an experienced contractor if your floor is a suitable candidate for polishing. Usually, some surface preparation is required for removing dirt, grease, coatings, or blemishes. Types of floors that are not good candidates for polishing include those that are wavy, need extensive patching, or are extremely porous.

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